This afternoon I got to do some preliminary testing with the Cambo Actus fixed to the Fuji X-T1.

This, I believe, will be a great addition to the landscape photo kit I travel with. I tested the Nikkor 75mm and Schneider 90mm and discovered that the Schneider 47mm would not focus to infinity, but as a macro or even close portrait lens, this lens will work superbly.

There was not much difference between coverage of the 75 and 90mm lenses, and I liked the results with the latter quite a bit better.

These are images with the proprietary Fuji and Zeiss fixed focus lenses at 12mm, 23mm, and 35mm.

The 90mm Schneider comes close to the coverage area of the 35mm lens. Although not very wide for landscapes, the Cambo Actus will provide for some incredibly sharp images in many instances.

Tomorrow morning I will go to one of the few scenic spots in town and see how it does in the field. This way I can test the system including a Lee polarizer and some graduated filters.

Here are the results of some test shots in the backyard:

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Lens Used Image 100% Crop of the Image
Zeiss 12mm set to f/8
Fujifilm 23mm set to f/8
Fujifil 35mm set to f/8

And here are the images shot with the Cambo Actus using both the 75mm and the 90mm large format lenses:

Actus plus LF Lens used    
Schneider Super Angulon 90mm lens set to f/11
Nikkor SW 75mm f/11

Next tests done Sunday morning are at THIS LINK.

More testing this week, as all photos were shot at f/16 today and f/45 on the next page's photos. Diffraction is taking a huge toll on sharpness and I will be correcting for this on the next outing! Oh after this was pointed out to me I did some more testing, and what a difference. I will be gluing the Copal shutter to f/8. Not really!

Here is a link to Cambridge Colour's webpage on diffraction and sensor size...